Production of the Joculationary tales of Howard Starstruck

Faling star And Creaturous Arms that embrace thou earths center

They upon the warmth of the sphere and from there they grew

Soon creatures found the embrace of the Star Child

And From the body they ate

Stories of the Star


as mother time beat upon aching throats of the mountainous demons holding up the particularly special spaces trapped in the limbo of nil sight

Soon they were a child again

Until they were Howard, a name was Given by all god children

Rounded cherry blood cheeks, a wyrmy smile, and the glint of a child traced upon a simple wrinkle. Buttoned nose sewn from a virtuous creature, who knows what.

Purple lids, to glint at those the creature bears witness. Lavender eggs resting upon crescent eyes of a clownish baby jubilance.

Howard, consumed humans efforts to reach heaven

And soon merged with those efforts, as a means to finally understand

Howard was so hungry

They consumed lost spaces to fill this heaven with love for they loved the creatures

that clawed from inside

Howard is still a child.

Doctoral E: I love big bird, I think we could all learn a thing or two from this gentleman Doctoral -N: I see your logic dear, big bird retains many virtues of one large child Doctoral E: Yes, like a child, I suppose Doctoral E: I think Big Birds Virtues are quite valuable, might I say, I wonder of the angelo mechanisms he may pioneer. Doctoral -N: Perhaps this will be the decryption that will finally tell us what to do Doctoral E: They sing again... perhaps if we sing along they will allow us the knowledge we so desire. Doctoral -N: Perhaps so, though I already tried that. Of course, you are a much better singer I imagine. I can hardly maintain a beep Doctoral E: Nonsense, I quite like your beeps.